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When you've got a crooked smile, confidence isn't always easy to come by. The team at Orthodontics of West Covina is here to help you achieve the beautiful, straight, perfect smile you've been dreaming of!

What Are Traditional Metal Braces?

Traditional braces are metal brackets that your orthodontist carefully places on your teeth with adhesive and other components that effectively and efficiently straighten and align crooked teeth.

We use carefully crafted components made of USA titanium and fit these to your teeth with consideration and care. We offer the brackets and elastics in a variety of colors to match your personality.

What Are the Benefits of Traditional Metal Braces?

There are many positives in having traditional metal braces placed, from lower costs than other corrective treatments to durability and easy care.

Are Metal Braces Durable?

Metal braces are one of the longest lasting options for orthodontics treatments, since they are made of durable, strong titanium materials.

Do Metal Braces Work For Overcrowded Mouths And Gaps Alike?

Traditional braces are the fastest corrective option for misaligned teeth. They correct both overcrowded teeth and teeth with large gaps between them.

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How Long Do You Wear Metal Braces?

There are a number of factors that determine the length of time a child, teenager, or adult must wear braces for the full effect. If your teeth are widely spaced, the time will be different than if they are too crowded together. Any issues with your bite will also have to be considered for predicting the amount of time you'll need for the full treatment to work.

Generally speaking, though, traditional metal braces usually take between one and two years to correct most common teeth misalignment issues.

How Do You Maintain And Clean Traditional Metal Braces?

Since metal braces are permanently affixed to your teeth with dental safe adhesive, they are not removed for cleanings, at home-brushing, or other care. They remain on the teeth for the full treatment length.

This means that diligence must be kept over caring for them, including frequent brushing and flossing to keep the braces, gums, and teeth clean.

Our friendly staff will happily go over the methods and products required to keep your teeth and braces clean and healthy during your treatment.

Do Braces Hurt Your Teeth And Mouth?

When you first have braces placed, you'll likely experience some tenderness or soreness in your mouth. This is normal and happens because the inside of your mouth, your gums, your tongue, and other components of your mouth need to adjust to the appliances. This soreness or tenderness will resolve quickly.

When you do experience this sensitivity, you can dissolve a teaspoon of salt into eight ounces of lukewarm water and swish and gargle it like you would mouthwash for a couple of minutes. This will help to kill bacteria as well as relieve pain. Do this as often as you like daily or weekly throughout the adjustment period.

If your lips, tongue, or the insides of your cheeks are feeling sensitive, the saltwater gargle will help, there is also some wax available to put over the braces to help reduce this abrasiveness you're feeling. We will happily recommend our preferred brand for this as well, either in the office or if you feel the need for it after you've gone home.

What Does The Process For Having Traditional Metal Braces Placed Look Like?

When you're ready for a visit, you'll join us at our office. During the consultation, we will examine your teeth and take x-rays to ensure we understand all that you need treatment for.

While at your consultation, we will go over potential treatment plans and work with you to choose which option best suits your needs. We will also cover the financial plans to ensure you receive the right treatment at a price you can afford.

Next, you'll come in for the braces placement appointment, which will be longer than your future appointments because of the detailed, personalized care you'll receive that day.

During your installation appointment, you will:

  • Have a thorough teeth cleaning
  • Have the surface of your teeth conditioned for the braces
  • Have brackets cemented into place with non-toxic adhesive
  • Have the wires and elastics placed

After your placement appointment, you will then come into the office periodically for adjustments, checkups, and any additional care you may require.

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What Do Traditional Braces Cost?

The cost for traditional braces will vary from patient to patient, depending on a few factors such as the type of correction needed, age of the patient, and what other treatments are required before placement of the metal braces.

Traditional metal braces are generally less expensive than ceramic or porcelain braces as well as Invisalign clear aligners, but may run a few thousand dollars or more.

We will happily work with your particular financial and treatment needs to create the right payment plan for you.


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